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“Mentoring comes first, because we know that if society doesn’t provide constructive mentors and role models for children, they are going to find their own on street corners, in gangs or in drug dens.”

– General Colin Powell

The Mentoring program provides services to children with the greatest need, as 4th through 8th grade students are matched in long-term relationships with an adult or qualified high school student mentors. Mentors and mentees engage in activities that help mentees improve academic performance and interpersonal relationships. Mentoring intervention significantly reduces school drop-out rates, involvement in gangs, and criminal activity.

At the participating schools, more than two-thirds of the 4th & 6th grade students are below grade level, based on the California Standards Test. Of the total number of students from the participating schools who enter 9th grade, 47% will not graduate from high school.

By giving one-hour a week you can change the life of a child. Held at school sites and community centers.

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